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    Don't let it stop you.

    dor de cabeca  Problems in your spine can affect your whole body. Symptoms will vary from a headache to intense pain throughout your body. Most common symptoms indicating spine involvement are:
    •Tingling sensations
    •Loss of strength
    •Ring in your ears
    •Digestive problems
    •Muscle tension
    •Restricted range of motion
    There are many reasons for back pain, which includes a herniated disc, subluxations, lack of a good posture, weight gain, heavy labor, etc. - These cause insults to your spine and to your nervous system causing irritation and inflammation and your body will let you know by expressing pain. Pain is like an alarm, it warns us the something is wrong but usually we turn the alarm off by taking pain meds without understanding the cause of the pain - treating only the symptoms is a major cause of chronic spine problems - the real issue never gets corrected, just masked by medications.

    Looking at the picture below is easy to see how the nervous systems controls everything in our body.

    Observe how every organ is tied to a certain level of your spinal column. Stress and unwanted pressure on the spinal joints will irritate those nerves and the whole body will suffer.
    Chiropractic care is here to help you to correct your spine and keep it healthy for years to come.
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